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English Speech - Our Responsibility To Our Environment

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Kali ini aku, mau share teks pidatoku, waktu ikutan lomba pidato bahasa Inggris di PORSENI Jawa Timur. Untuk yang mau diunduh, monggo dicopy sajaaa :)
Ini dia teksnyaa:

"Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

First of all, let’s praise to the Almighty Allah swt., because of his blessing, we are able to attend this event. Secondly may peace be upon the prophet Muhammad saw who has guided us from the darkness into the brightness.  I would also like to say many thanks to the juries who have given me the oppurtunity to deliver an English speech in front of you all. 

The topic of my speech is: “Our Responsibilities to Our Environment”

Audiences, environment is very important and very influential to our live. In our environment there are so many things and other creatures that we need. For example, we need other people to communicate and to share something. We need plants for our food, to decrease the polution and to produce fresh air. Moreover, we need animals for our food and some of them can also help us to do some activities such as horse and camel, for transportation, cow for helping the farmer works.

Brothers and sisters, unfortunately, nowadays, our environment is dirty and full of polution. Let’s look at our surrounding, there are places where trashes are everywhere. Smoke has polluted our fresh air, because there are so many motor vehicle and many people are smoking . They don’t realize that what they do have made our environment polluted. The river water isn’t clean anymore, because of some factories that throw their waste away to the river or some people who like to throw their house waste to the river. Those careless habits, make our world an uncomfortable place to live in.

Ladies and gentlemen, actually as a moslem young generation, we must know that prophet Muhammad SAW told us in a hadist,  An-Nazhofatu Minal ‘Iman. And the meaning is: Cleanliness is a part of faithful. 

Dear all Moslems!

From the hadeeth above, we can conclude that Islam teaches us to keep our environment clean like what our prophet told us. But now, the question is : How to keep our environment clean?

First, we must throw our trash on the garbage can. Second, we should try to decrease some activities that can make pollution, for example: we go to some near places by walking or riding a bicylce not motorcycle or cars.  And the last one is, we must be sensible to our environment hygienes and remind other people if they’re throwing their trash away inapproppriately.

All in all, it is our responsibility as moslem young generation to create a comfortable and safe place to live in on this world because Islam teaches us to do so. We have to be the agent of change. It’s no need to wait, start from now to do what I have told you. 

So audiences, I think that’s all my speech. Hopefully it will be useful for all of us. Thank you for your attention, and Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb..."

Yap, itu dia pidatoku waktu ikut lomba itu. Sayangnya, waktu itu aku kurang beruntung *eaaa guaya ._.V
Jadi, yaa aku belum bisa jadi juara. Ahaha, tapi ya buat pengalaman ajaa :3
Okeee, sekian duulu yaa, semoga bermanfaat :)

Terimakasih. Wassalam :D

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